How to use Voter.js

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Quick start for most TWOWs

  1. Open the Google Sheet (or similar) for the voter screen of what TWOW you want to vote on.
    - If you don't have a Google Sheet, create a list of responses in a text editor, one line per response, with letters separated from responses with tabs or one space.
  2. Copy the letters and responses (not word counts) by selecting them all and pressing Ctrl-C (Cmd-C on Macs; on mobile, hold down and press Copy)
  3. Open Voter.js and paste into the big box.
  4. If the screen you are voting on contains your response(s), then write those letters into the box.
  5. Press Go.
  6. Vote! The voting screen is fairly self explanatory, just keep clicking the best responses until you reach the end. For details, see below.
  7. Before the end, you have an opportunity to rearrange any responses which you may have voted up or down by accident.
  8. Copy the voting string from the textbox at the bottom and DM it to your host with the keyword!

What is this?

Voter.js is a web tool made by me (figgyc#0168 on Discord) that is designed to help you conveniently and accurately rank lines of text from best to worst. The main purpose is for online competitions known as miniTWOWs, in which the goal is to create the best ten-word sentence responding to a given prompt, which you probably knew already. Many of these rounds can contain hundreds of responses and it is a nightmare to manually rate and compare thousands of times by hand, however it is beneficial to do so (supervote) to improve the accuracy of results. Therefore automated tools, like Voter.js and voter.exe before it, were created to sort a list of responses based on simple 1v1 comparisons.

What do all the buttons do?